Iguapele, a term of African origin, embodies a profound sense of interconnectedness and unity within the community. It resonates with the rhythms of life, echoing the harmonious balance between individuals and their environment.

In its essence, Iguapele symbolizes respect, reciprocity, and mutual support, fostering a collective spirit of cooperation and belonging. Rooted in tradition and passed down through generations, it serves as a guiding principle for navigating relationships and resolving conflicts with grace and empathy.

Like a melodic refrain, Iguapele calls upon each person to recognize their inherent worth and contribution to the symphony of existence, enriching the tapestry of humanity with its soothing cadence of compassion and solidarity.


In the realm of human expression, “arts” stands as a beacon of creativity and cultural richness, transcending boundaries and connecting souls. In Dutch, it finds its roots in “huisarts,” symbolizing not only the practice of medicine but also a haven of healing and care.

Like a skilled artisan, the huisarts crafts remedies and fosters well-being, blending science with compassion in a delicate dance of healing. Across languages and landscapes, “arts” echoes the universal longing for beauty, connection, and restoration, weaving a tapestry of inspiration that resonates deeply within the human spirit. Just as a masterpiece evokes awe, the huisarts embodies the artistry of healing, offering solace and renewal to those in need, painting a portrait of hope and resilience in the canvas of life.


In the context of Iguapele Arts Motions, the word “motions” embodies the essence of movement in cultural and healing contexts. Derived from the Latin word “motio,” meaning “a movement,” it encompasses the dynamic nature of both artistic expression and holistic wellness.

Within this framework, “motions” represents the continual flow and evolution inherent in culture and healing practices. It serves as a unifying force, bringing together the cultural heritage celebrated by Iguapele and the creative expression nurtured within the arts. Together, these elements form a cohesive narrative of growth, transformation, and interconnectedness, where movement serves as a catalyst for personal and collective enrichment.

In the vibrant city of Rotterdam, exemplifying diversity, inclusion, culture, and movement, Iguapele was founded in March 2012, further enriching the dynamic cultural landscape with its mission of fostering creativity and holistic well-being through movement and expression.


The vision for Iguapele Arts Motions (IAM) is to establish it as a beacon of artistic and cultural innovation that respects and draws from the well of tradition while embracing the momentum of contemporary movements. IAM envisions a world where art is recognized as essential to the human condition, capable of healing wounds, bridging gaps between the old and the new, and conveying messages of hope, resilience, and unity across borders.

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At Iguapele Arts Motions (IAM), our mission is to harness the transformative power of the arts as a vehicle for healing, connection, and personal and communal growth. Inspired by the Yoruba concept of Iwapelé, underscoring good character and virtuous behavior, IAM aims to create a global platform where the arts serve not only as a medium for creative expression but also as a bridge to foster understanding, respect, and harmony among diverse communities.

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IAM (Iguapele Arts Motions) was founded by Abel Marcel in 2012, with the commitment to connecting communities more profoundly through the arts and arts education. After his studies in Classical Piano and Composition in Havana, Cuba, he was awarded in 2010, with the Christian Huygens Scholarship by (NUFFIC) to study in the Netherlands, where he currently resides. For over 20 years he has been working as a musician, producer, booker, composer, sound engineer, coach, artistic leader and educator.

Parallel to that he is also active on promoting and building capacity, creating opportunities for decent employment and entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries for young talents.






from Havana living in Rotterdam












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Cubalandz 2021

Contemporary Cuban Art: Music, Musical Poetry, Visual Arts

For its fourth edition, the CubaLandz festival of contemporary Cuban arts is honouring Haiti. For Bozar and Camarote, the aim is both to highlight the cultural and artistic vitality of the region, away from the exotic clichés, and to build bridges between Cuban and Haitian artists, whether islanders or from the diaspora, thus contributing to the historical dialogue between these two communities. 

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