At Iguapele Arts Motions (IAM), our mission is to harness the transformative power of the arts as a vehicle for healing, connection, and personal and communal growth. Inspired by the Yoruba concept of Iwapelé, underscoring good character and virtuous behavior, IAM aims to create a global platform where the arts serve not only as a medium for creative expression but also as a bridge to foster understanding, respect, and harmony among diverse communities.

IAM dedicates itself to showcasing the arts as a form of medicine, a movement that propels us forward, and a celebration of humanity’s ability to reflect, communicate, and innovate. Our events are designed to channel emotions, alleviate stress, celebrate life, and provide a canvas for the human spirit to manifest its deepest aspirations and shared histories, emphasizing the "I" in IAM as a focus on the individual's artistic journey, creativity, and originality in harmony with the surrounding world.