North Sea Jazz / Codarts Talent Stage

Codarts Talent Night at North Sea Jazz Festival: Abel Marcel's initiative to organize Codarts Talent Night at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival has been instrumental in providing a unique platform for students to showcase their talents on an international stage. This event, curated by Abel Marcel, features a diverse array of performances ranging from music to dance, highlighting the exceptional skills and creativity of Codarts students.

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1 September 2023
17 July 2023
25 March 2023
15 December 2022
4 December 2022
12 November 2022
20 September 2021

Towards Decolonization of Music and Dance Studies

Abel Marcel Calderon Arias and Hannah Bates reflect upon the roles of dialogue and listening, both with one-another as teacher-student, intellectuals, researchers, musicians and friends, and with a wider circle of interlocutors on their individual research and musical paths.  Through their reflections, they engage with ideas of insider-/outsider-ness, orality versus literacy, and “official” versus erased narratives, and the parts such issues play in applying decolonization to practice.

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26 April 2021
22 January 2020
27 December 2019
29 October 2019
26 September 2019